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Upcycle your wardrobe

£34.00 GBP

Saturday 17th Aug. 1-4pm 

A gift card can be purchased and we can decide a date... 

Got a pile go clothes which need altering? or garments needing new life? 

Come to this workshop and we can fix you up! 

We can take things up and in, cover up stains, hand and machine stitch, fix rips, add embroidered details, re-work... 

If you are wanting to size garments up, you will need extra panels to put in. If you are unsure if we can do something in the session, just give me a message before and I can advise. 

Max 4 people 

Islington mill 

1 James street 


M3 5HW 

I will provide my number so you can call me to let you in. 

*Gift cards can be used for selected dates, you will just have to let me know, so I can take the places off. You will recieve a card in the post which you can give as the gift. 

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