Jessie Stringer Fewtrill

With a BA in Fashion Design with Marketing, Jessie is a freelance seamstress. Her specialisms are pattern cutting, dressmaking, garment and product design. She creates bespoke pieces on a commission basis, working with a variety of artists, makers and designers.

Making a difference with textiles is at the core of how Jessie works and with her personal fashion projects 'Kala clothing' and 'Jessie-May lingerie' she designs and makes concept collections which communicate socially conscious messages. With ‘Kala clothing’ she looks at togetherness, cultural identity, activism, sustainability and equality. With ‘Jessie-May lingerie’ she looks at women's rights, self love, empowerment and challenges norms.  She collaborates with diverse groups of artists to help her communicate these powerful messages. 

Jessie also teaches a range of workshops and courses from beginner to advanced sewing, pattern cutting and dress making. Furthermore, working with embroidery and fashion design, Jessie runs community workshops across Manchester.



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